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CCSS's Virtual Terminal

CCSS's Virtual Terminal (Online Terminal) is ideal for any business where credit card payments are accepted over the phone, thru the mail or via email. Our Virtual Terminal lets you rapidly capture and authorize credit card transactions in real time, using any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world. And there's no software to install!

This Services includes 24-hour customer service and any future upgrades. Additionally, the Virtual Terminal can be saved on any number of computer "desk tops". This means unlike software packages that charge for upgrades, customer service, and licensing fees, the Virtual Terminal is all inclusive allowing you to effectively manage your cost associates with accepting credit cards.

Virtual Terminal / Online Terminal Features:


• Recurring Payments
• Address Verification Service (AVS)
• CVV2 support for additional fraud control
• Customer and Merchant email notifications
• Faster processing time then traditional POS terminals
• Detailed reporting capabilities

Virtual Terminal is perfect for Any business that accepts credit card payments by phone, retail, fax or email!

  • Mail order businesses
• Call center operations
• Insurance companies
• Newspapers and magazines
• Charities
• Utility companies
• Service companies


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Credit Card System Services

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